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    New publications

  • Recent Publications ul>
  • Valentin Touzeau, Claire Maiza, David Monniaux, Jan Reineke: Ascertaining Uncertainty for Efficient Exact Cache Analysis /a>
  • Arvind S. Adimoolam, Thao Dang, Alexandre Donzé, James Patrick Kapinski, Xiaoqing Jin: Classification and Coverage-Based Falsification for Embedded Control Systems /a>
  • Karine Altisen, Pierre Corbineau, Stéphane Devismes: A Framework for Certified Self-Stabilization /a>
  • Stéphane Devismes, David Ilclinas, Colette Johnen: Self-Stabilizing Disconnected Components Detection and Rooted Shortest-Path Tree Maintenance in Polynomial Steps /a>
  • Ajoy Kumar Datta, Stéphane Devismes, Lawrence L. Larmore: Self-stabilizing silent disjunction in an anonymous network /a>
  • Anaïs Durand: Election et anneaux unidirectionnels en pr'esence d'homonymes /a>
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    Jobs and internships

  • Jobs and internships
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