This document starts by introducing the main concepts of the BIP2 language: types, semantics and of course its syntax (see The BIP2 Language). Then, it presents tools used to compile and execute BIP2 programs. The compiler and the engine: their installations and basic usage. As the main use cases involve the generation of C++ code, a dedicated part explains more deeply how to use the C++ code generator of BIP2 (see More about C++ code generator). A step-by-step tutorial shows how to use the main features of the BIP2 language (see Tutorial). Finally, the full language syntax is included as a reference (see BIP 2 Grammar).

Conventions used in this documentation

Shell commands

Shell command are preceded by ‘$‘:

$ cd /etc/

When a command needs to be executed from within a given directory, this directory is mentioned before the $:

/home/bla/ $ mkdir toto

If a command line is too long, the line is cut by escaping the line ending character:

$ ./bla --this --is="a very long" --command \
  --line \
  --that --is --cut=twice

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