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Verimag is or has been involved in the following Projects

Current Projects

    Projets Europeens

  • ADE - European H2020, 2018-2020
    Autonomous Decision Making in Very Long Traverses
  • BRAIN-IoT - European H2020, 2018-2020
    Model-Based Framework for Dependable Sensing and Actuation in Intelligent Decentralized IoT Systems
  • SUCCESS - European, CHIST-ERA, 2016-2020
    The IoT has a great potential to provide novel services to humans in critical areas for society. This innovation however requires updating our understanding of the risks associated with the new technology so that we can deploy it with confidence and society can trust it. Amongst the biggest problems for this vision to become a reality are security flaws due to technical restrictions, immaturity of software applications, intrusion threats through new challenges in complex usage scenarios, (...)
  • Projets Nationaux

  • CASERM - Persyval-Lab Equipe-Action 2016-2019
    CASERM : Design and Analysis of Reconfigurable Multi-view Embedded Systems
  • ESTATE - ANR Project 2016-2020
    Enhancing Safety and self-sTAbilization in Time-varying distributed Environments
  • RT-PROOFS - ANR-PRCI 2018-2021
    Formal Proofs for Real-Time Systems – Mar. 2018 to Feb. 2021 with MPI-SWS, TU Braunschweig, INRIA Spades and Onera.
  • VOCaL (The Verified OCaml Library) - ANR 2015-2019
    Our project aims at developing the first mechanically verified library of efficient general-purpose data structures and algorithms. This may come as a surprise, but there does not currently exist any verified library of significant size in any programming language. In the recent decades, a lot of effort has been invested into the development of program verification tools for mainstream languages such as C or Java, including efforts by members of our teams. These efforts have been successful (...)
  • Partenariat (CIFRE)

  • STMicroelectronics - CIFRE STMicroelectronics Grenoble, 2018-2021
    Adding Diagnostic Features to Digital Twins for Systems-on-a-Chip
  • Other Projects

  • Coopération Argosim - 2013-...
    The Argosim company, hosted in Verimag between 2013 and 2015, designed an industrial version of Lutin.
  • SECURIOT-2 - 2018-2020

Past Projects

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