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Thursday 28 January 2010 par Florence Maraninchi

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Thursday 21 January 2010 par Florence Maraninchi
ANR ARESA and ARESA2: part of these projects is devoted to the global (and formal) modeling of energy consumption in sensor networks. In ARESA2, this topic is related to the security aspects. Minalogic openTLM 2006-2010: open tools for the transaction-level modeling of systems-on-a-chip. (...)

The proposal (Documents)

Thursday 21 January 2010 par Florence Maraninchi
State of the Art The focus of research on design of large hardware circuits and Systems-on-Chips has shifted from Register-Transfer Level (RTL) to Electronic System Level (ESL). ESL in fact consists of a multiplicity of sublevels, depending more and less on extra-functional features such as (...)

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