Graphical languages for modelling complex systems
Kiel University, Institut für Informatik und Praktische Mathematik
Olshausenstr. 40 , 24098 Kiel, GERMANY

Graphical languages, such as Statecharts, have been widely adapted for modelling complex reactive systems. This talk centers around three observations and corresponding proposals:

  1. Graphical models nice to browse, but hard to write - the use of automated layout can accelerate the editing process
  2. Graphical languages appealing, but not effective enough - one should specifically for the realm of reactive systems develop and conciously use secondary notations
  3. Graphical languages good for understanding structures, but (so far) bad for analysing dynamics - hence the proposed concept of dynamic charts, which give an overview of the dynamic behavior of the complete system, as opposed to a limited set of subsystems
Furthermore, this presentation gives an overview of the Kiel Integrated Environment for Layout (KIEL), a prototypical infrastructure for modelling reactive systems with Statecharts.