Towards a Syncchart reactive profile for UML
Charles ANDRE
Univ. Nice Sophia-Antipolis
BP 121, 06903 Sophia Antipolis cedex, FRANCE

The domain of Real-Time Embedded (RTE) systems was ackowledged as being largely influencial on many feature additions to the upcoming UML2.0 standard. Work on UML1.4 Scheduling, Performance \& Time(SPT) profile also goes in that direction. Still, the generic paradigms underlying these modeling efforts is that of software components, running on a real-time OSs with physical time constraints and middleware (e.g., RT-Corba) concerns. In other areas of Embedded System Design other paradigms are at work, owing to codesign techniques at the border between software and hardware, or discrete time mathematical engineering (MATLAB/Simulink) and DSP algorithms, etc. The paradigm of Synchronous Reactive (S/R) systems, with discrete \underline{logical} time and behavior decomposition into instantaneous reactions, proved quite natural in such areas to model mixed HW/SW System-Level Design (SLD). We describe here some of the modeling paradigms needed for a true S/R model framework, and corresponding diagrammatic interpretations. We also present our new objectives: a better integration of synchronous control (SyncCharts) and data flows (SCADE).

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